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    Accra is a Whole New Ball Game

    Update: I’m in Accra!

    That was just to let you know I am back in my homeland (if you didn’t already know). It’s been about 5 weeks since I left the cold to settle in the warmth and it has been 2 weeks since I started to pray for rain to cool me down. Continue reading

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    2018 in Full Force: New Year Resolutions

    I  have had a hard time putting together my resolutions for this year. I have taken the 17 days of 2018 that have already passed to think about who and where I am, as well as who and where I expect to be in 5 years. But even that made me want to give myself tens of goals to reach this year, something I would have failed at. Continue reading

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    Brainfood NYC

    What is Brainfood?

    A food festival/ conference annually hosted by Spoon University.
    There were booths from different food brands from coffee to farm-grown eggs and fresh coconuts ( it was available in the actual coconut and then there were bottled ones). The conference had a wonderful line up of food ‘celebs’ who spoke on the different ways a passion for food can be used to build a business as well as how food can change the world. Continue reading

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    A Whole New Look At Chinatown

    After 4 years in Philly, I am no stranger to Chinatown, or at least I thought I wasn’t. It is the location of my favorite bubble tea place in the city, Tea Do. And, I have been there on more than one occasion for hot pot and a matcha dessert place that recently opened. I hope you’re catching my drift that Chinatown is a place with amazing food. Continue reading

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    What’s in a book?

    It’s National Read A Book Day!

    My favorite form of entertainment has always been a book (sorry Netflix, you’re in third place, right behind food). Books have always been a form of meditation for me, giving me the opportunity to live in someone else’s shoes and return to my own with a less cluttered mind. Continue reading


    Living Beyond Fear

    I think we all have some fear in us. I know I do. It does not always manifest in that ‘I’m shaking in my boots’ way. Have you ever made up your mind to do something and almost gone through with it before thinking there’s an easier alternative? Have you ever just made up a reason why you should not go for something? Most times, this is the fear talking.

    I have been afraid for a long time. Afraid to grow, afraid to change and afraid to truly show vulnerability. But in the last week, I came to a conclusion. This conclusion is not something new, but quotes that are repeated over and over again. I decided to let go. Continue reading


    Summer 2017

    Remember how Drake’s Summer Sixteen was the hit of last summer? This year I am pretty sure I will be singing DJ Khaled’s Wild Thoughts with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller non-stop. I’ll probably balance it out with Davido’s If every now and then, but why mess with the perfection that is Rihanna Robyn Fenty? If you have any objections to this last statement, quickly go and watch the Wild Thoughts video and return to read the rest of this post.  Continue reading

    Grow the fro!

    Before the Wash: How to Pre-poo

    I have not always been a dedicated natural. I started out o this journey by mistake, although it is a mistake I am grateful I made. I started out natural because I was moving thousands of miles away from home and had to figure out how to get my hair done in an unfamiliar place. There were suggestions thrown about such as keeping my hair in dreadlocks or keeping it very short, as I had done during high school. It was just by chance that the decision to stay natural came about.  Continue reading

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    Keeping Busy at the Airport

    Last year, I had the opportunity to go home for a week for the first time since I started college. By home, I mean the country of my birth Ghana. My flight from JFK was to leave at 4 PM, and my shuttle from Philly was to leave at 9 AM. The afternoon shuttle to NYC would mean that I would have to miss my flight. Continue reading