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Accra is a Whole New Ball Game

Update: I’m in Accra!

That was just to let you know I am back in my homeland (if you didn’t already know). It’s been about 5 weeks since I left the cold to settle in the warmth and it has been 2 weeks since I started to pray for rain to cool me down.

Meanwhile, the Eagles won the super bowl last week and although I am extremely excited (insert happy dance here) I am questioning the timing of this blessing (insert side eye). Why’d they wait for me to leave first? Or was this my graduation present to the city? I’m going with the second one.

I never got the hang of American football, even after 4 years in the country, but I’m back to the land of the OG football (American English: soccer) so I am getting reacquainted with the Premier League. Let’s just say I have hopes for a certain team (not Arsenal abeg) and am keeping my eyes on the players.

It’s too bad Ghana did not qualify for the World Cup, I love the intensity that sets in Accra when there’s a match. No worries, we’ll support our brother Nigeria and I’ll compare the rhythm to that of years back. (I’ll be the one decked out in green and white answering only to Chioma)

Accra has been fun so far. I’ve been reconnecting with family and friends and doing my best to stay in touch with my Philly jawns. Anyone who knows me well knows that’s hard for me so please pardon me if you haven’t heard from me since I landed.

The best things so far have been the discussions I get to have with both strangers and people I have known for years. I have had the most interesting conversations with my taxi and Uber drivers on various topics including religion and the Uber-taxi relationship in Ghana. Also had a few unpleasant moments where I had to show a few people that I’m no stranger to the system. I have negotiated fares (will tell you how it’s done in another post) and understood Auntie Maxine’s need to reclaim her time (also another post).

I am most excited about the new food places and the old ones I am rediscovering again. I found a coffee place that I love sitting in, so expect something about that soon.

The Accra I left behind has changed so much. Fortunately so have I. The next few months are going to be a chance to reconnect with my city. If you’re interested in getting to know this new Accra, keep up with me on the blog and I will show you everything.

In the meantime, see my joy at being home in this one image:

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