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Brainfood NYC

What is Brainfood?

A food festival/ conference annually hosted by Spoon University.
There were booths from different food brands from coffee to farm-grown eggs and fresh coconuts ( it was available in the actual coconut and then there were bottled ones). The conference had a wonderful line up of food ‘celebs’ who spoke on the different ways a passion for food can be used to build a business as well as how food can change the world.

Line up?

I do not watch out too much for the food industry, but there were names on the talk line up and brands that I am familiar with. Living in Philadelphia and loving coffee as much as I do means that La Colombe coffee was a pleasant surprise at the conference. The best new brand I tried was Brodo, a broth company I have been following for a while and was excited to try. Fortunately, it exceeded my expectations and I was not disappointed. None of the foods were less than delicious and I had so many shots of coffee that I had enough energy to walk around the place multiple times.

For the conference aspect, I was excited to hear from Hannah Bronfman and Mike Chau two people who have taken different directions in the food industry and yet have created their own spaces online that are completely unique. Fortunately, they were on the same panel, How to Build and Maintain a Meaningful Brand in Food Media so I only had to sit in on one, and spent the rest of the day going from booth to booth and trying new food.

From the little I could hear, these are the lessons I picked up:

  • Create something that speaks to people like you.
  • Stay true to yourself. What are you obsessed with?
  • Have fun with it. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Keep people invested.
  • Don’t overthink it.
  • Be consistent.

Why did you go?

I’m always down to try something new, especially if it has something to do with food. This was a conference of food that is mostly out of my diet, with things like edible gardens made with wild rice and mushrooms. But there was also marshmallows, ramen, and coconuts, so I felt right in place. I probably had more shots of coffee than is advisable for a week but you only live once and I got to try many different kinds that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Got a love for Hippies (find them at Starbucks) in the process and met a crowdfund company CEO.


Brainfood is a great idea for an event and all the booths and sponsors were amazing. However, I would suggest a different location or a better way to divide the space for better sound. It was difficult to hear the conference sessions over the noise from the booths and food stalls.


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