The Attitude of your Clothing (Part I)

    A few weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that my clothes really do set the tone for my day.

    On Monday, I woke up really exhausted, with the knowledge that I had to go for my morning class (this was not a day to skip!). So I grudgingly dragged myself out of bed, took a shower and power walked (as much as you can without coffee)  to my 10am class. I was sluggish and grumpy in my two back-to-back classes and was too tired to pay attention to anything that was being taught. When I got home, I jumped back into bed (after I had something to eat, of course!). Continue reading


    Summer break plans

    Everyone seems to be going back to school and yet I am writing a post on how I plan on spending my summer break. That’s because I took classes all summer and I have two weeks off of school to prepare for another 10 weeks of studying for fall term. My school’s quarter system means that when everyone is rushing back to school, I have the opportunity of taking a break and laying in bed all day (which I sometimes do). Continue reading

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    A Bite of the Big Apple: My First MET Visit

    It does seem very weird that I have lived two hours from New York, but have never actually explored the city. I’m not saying that I explored the city during this visit, but at least I went on the trains by myself and navigated the city on my own (mostly).

    Sunday was day 2 of Her Conference 2016  and I had planned on attending that day but woke up with a migraine. Luckily, by noon it felt so much better, but I did not want to attend the second half of the conference and at the nudging of my big sister, I decided to take a walk.

    Continue reading

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    Taken in by Charm City

    I’m Melting for Baltimore

    The goal of traveling around the world means that I have a lot of ground to cover and the 50 states of America are obviously stops I should make on the way to that goal. My next step after the Big Apple (post will be up soon) was Charm City. After all, it’s also only two hours by Greyhound and the ride to New York made me realize that two hours on a bus is actually not so bad. I sleep a little, read a bit and brainstorm blog posts. So that time is actually quite useful. Plus, traffic delays always mean a little extra time to meditate and listen to a kickass playlist! Continue reading


    August 2016

    Where did July go? That was so fast. The beach day and my first weekend in New York. Looking back, I spent July not just balancing the strain of classes, but also slowly getting back into the groove of being a student. Also, I spent a lot of the time working on and getting this site up and running and the fact that you’re reading this post means that it paid off. Continue reading

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    Her Conference 2016

     Bonding for the Future Girlbosses of Editorial

    What does an introverted future writer/editorialist do in summer to prepare herself for her future career goal? Attend Her Conference, of course! If you don’t know what it is, it’s an annual conference by Her Campus Media to educate young women on the journey ahead for a career in journalism, public relations, writing and basically any position in the media industry.

    Although it was a two-day event, I only attended the first day which was open to members of Her Campus Chapters around the world (Yeah, not just America!).

    Speakers this year were:

    • Joyce  Chang,  Editor-in- Chief – SELF Magazine
    • Vanessa De Luca, Editor-in-Chief – Essence Magazine
    • Andi Dorfman, ABC’s The Bachelorette and Bestselling Author
    • Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion Designer


    Before I leave, I should mention that there is a raffle each day, where attendees can win prizes from the sponsors. I won a Vera Bradley tote that I absolutely love. It’s really cute and I am pretty sure it’s going to every class with me next quarter.

    Sponsors included: tinder, Ulta beauty, Rebecca Minkoff, Shake Shack, Chobani, Baked by Melissa, Bertha, The Diva Cup, Amtrak, Sugarfina and Juicy Couture.

    Tips for Next Year

    • Be sociable: Everyone is there to learn from each other. Do not feel too shy or embarassed to connect with other attendees.
    • Pick your panels before you go: Panels fill up quickly. Taking time to think them through at the event means you’ll most likely have to either sit at the back or stand during the panels.
    • Wear comfortable shoes: Just in case you end up standing at the back for more than one panel.
    • Go up to panelists: They are ther for you to learn so shake off your fear and talk to them. They were once in your shoes.
    • Take business cards: If you are going to speak to the panelists, have something you can leave them with to remember you with. It’s also great to exchange contacts with other attendees.

    If you’re still not convinced to attend the conference next year, watch this video recap by Her Campus Media.

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    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    I think that one thing everyone must do during the summer is to visit the beach. By that logic, it is one of the things on my summer to-do list each year, and even a cold did not stop me from taking the drive with my friends this year. I did not go far out into the water though (might be dumb enough to actually go there while sick, but not enough to make it worse), just waded in a few inches to feel the icy cold water. Continue reading

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    Home is Where the Heart is

    📍 ➖ Elmina, Ghana

    Last year, I had an issue with the fact that I hadn’t been back home in 2 years (since 2013). But this year, the issue got resolved because (Yes!)  I went home. I’ve actually been to Ghana twice in less than 6 months. In late December 2015 and mid-April 2016. The first visit was for just about a week but the second was for a month and a half! For those asking what happened to my classes, I took the spring term off. Yeah, three months with no classes and no school. It’s the summer vacation Drexel does not give me (LOL). Continue reading


    June 2016

    It seems 2016 may be doing a sprint for the finish line, with half of the year already gone in the blink of an eye. Resolutions have been forgotten and diets have been abandoned as usual with a lot of our bad habits we promised to drop, right in the saddle with us. But it’s not too late people, there is still time to catch up to whatever goal you hoped to achieve for this year. Even if you do not get as far as you had hoped, one step forward is always so much better than staying exactly where you are without moving. I still have my resolution of learning to do the splits and although there have been a few hiccups in my way, I am looking forward to getting back on track. Continue reading


    Watch me rise

    I refuse to be put down,
    shushed and silenced
    treated as though my existence
    is nothing more than an error.

    I refuse to lower my head in shame
    or allow you to undermine and distort my history
    the story told by my name
    the truth that makes you shiver Continue reading