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Saint vs. Sinner – The Kat Von D Dilemma

Most of our lives, we have been faced with two choices: good and evil. Religion was basically our teacher, showing you that obeying the rules would lead you toward a good future. However, making the choice between the two in the real world is not so black and white. Kat Von D beauty gives those same choices to you in her Saint& Sinner collection, just without the hell part. Plus, with the black and transparent (but let’s just say white) bottles, the choice is so much easier. Each fragrance has it’s own distinct personality and you will not feel like you bought two of the same fragrance or one bottle twice.


A sweet fragrance that brings to mind flowers, Saint may be a bit too sweet for certain tastes. I was unable to try it more than once because I felt uncomfortable with how sweet it smelled. This is for someone who loves the smell of flowers and sadly, that’s not me.


More musky than Saint, Sinner brings a masculine quality that does not overwhelm the senses.  The darkness of its bottle makes even putting it on seem a bit naughty so you know it got the right name.

You could not go wrong with any of the fragrance choices. They are both pretty good, but your personality may prove you more of a sinner than saint. Just in case you want to try just one of the fragrances and do not know which one is for you, Sephora has made it easier with this quiz.


Full Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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