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Before the Wash: How to Pre-poo

I have not always been a dedicated natural. I started out o this journey by mistake, although it is a mistake I am grateful I made. I started out natural because I was moving thousands of miles away from home and had to figure out how to get my hair done in an unfamiliar place. There were suggestions thrown about such as keeping my hair in dreadlocks or keeping it very short, as I had done during high school. It was just by chance that the decision to stay natural came about. 

So I didn’t have that much self-knowledge on taking care of my hair. I did a lot of the research on my own and took on the natural hair journey one step at a time. From the beginning, I just kept my hair in box braids for most of the time, which I still do, but with more time in between braiding. I only knew that I had to wash and condition my hair and that was it. Other steps like deep conditioning and protein treatments were foreign to me, but

What you need:

  • olive oil
  • conditioner
  • spray bottle
  • water
  • detangled
  • shower cap
  • sleeping bonnet


  1. Part your hair into manageable sections. I used to divide them into smaller sections, but with growth, I have landed on six.
  2. Wet the sections of your hair lightly.
  3. Detangle each section of your hair with your fingers.
  4. Separate each section while spraying a mixture of olive oil and conditioner.
  5. Detangle the sections, starting from the ends to the roots.
  6. Braid each section to make sure detangled parts to do not get in the way of un-detangled parts.
  7. After all sections have been detangled, put on your shower cap and on top of that, your sleeping bonnet.

I pre-poo overnight to soften my hair and use the sleeping bonnet to create the greenhouse kind of environment that allows the conditioner to penetrate the shaft. This is a “soft” version of deep conditioning and makes me feel better if I am unable to deep condition the next day.

This process has been working on my hair and could help you on your natural hair journey. It is advice that would work on all other hair types, not just with curly 4c hair so I would say go for it no matter your hair type and let me know how it works for you.

And with that, I’m off to detangle my hair!

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