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A Whole New Look At Chinatown

After 4 years in Philly, I am no stranger to Chinatown, or at least I thought I wasn’t. It is the location of my favorite bubble tea place in the city, Tea Do. And, I have been there on more than one occasion for hot pot and a matcha dessert place that recently opened. I hope you’re catching my drift that Chinatown is a place with amazing food.

But the tour by Philly Food Adventures showed me that there are more restaurants in Chinatown that I have been missing and I am glad my eyes have been opened to them. Philly Food Adventures is a blog run by Jamie, who has an amazing knowledge about Chinatown. I recently joined a blogger group that she is a member of and was fortunate to take the tour with other Philly bloggers.

The group met at the Friendship Gate at 6:30 pm on the first Monday of Fall term. It was a group of about a dozen women with the love of great food in common. Now, I will not be telling you all we had because you have to go on the tour yourself to properly get the feel. That does not mean I will completely leave you hanging. I’m going to tell you my favorite foods from the tour. Or you can just look at the photos and they’ll tell you what I loved.

I’m a sucker for pork buns so it’s really not much of a shock that it was one of my favorite foods from this tour. They were so warm from the oven and just so good to eat. I am going back for them at least once before I graduate from college.

My favorite stop was a Schezuan restaurant where I finally succeeded in finishing a meal with chopsticks where I did not splash on my clothes (also I was wearing black so I may be lying). I also found green vegetables that I had no trouble enjoying although I’m not a huge fan of greens. My favorite dish was the fish pot, which closely resembles hot pot in both spice level and method of preparation.

The third fave was fried dumplings at our last stop on the tour. I don’t think there’s much else to say if you really love dumplings. This was one of the best I have had in Philly.



The tour was awesome (if you still haven’t figured that out) and I absolutely loved it! It showed me parts of Chinatown that I had overlooked the multiple times I had been there. I was also shown some places I was familiar with but made to try things on the menu that I wouldn’t have tried on my usual visits there.

If you’re ever coming down to Philly, I would advise you sign up for Jamie’s tour. I would still give you that same advice as a Philly native who is not familiar with Chinatown. She knows a lot of information not just about Chinatown itself but has experience from her trip to China. You should Check her out on Trip Advisor and reserve a spot in one of her tours. It’s more than worth it.

Side note: We went to a grocery store where I saw soft-shell turtles for the first one. Now I have eaten frog legs at an Asian food place back in Ghana and was actually shocked to see the live frogs. They were huge!

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